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Possible Answers for Home Buyers Facing High-Interest Rates

The year of 2022 has become the year of fast-rising mortgage rates after several years of historically low-interest rates. That…

5 months ago

A Look at San Diego's Fizzling Real Estate Market

The San Diego real estate market is being hit with a triple whammy. A real recession, on top of an…

5 months ago

How Interest Rates are Impacting Buyers and Sellers

Home sales are a part of the economy that is affected fast and significantly when the Federal Reserve raises interest…

6 months ago

Redfin and Others Frame the Coming Housing Market Chill box

Redfin and others release data warning of a possible big chill looming on the horizon. Even if the economy does'nt…

7 months ago

Ask Brian: Should We Buy a Home When Interest Rates are Rising?

Ask Brian is a weekly column by Real Estate Expert Brian Kline. If you have questions on real estate investing,…

9 months ago

Higher rates may prompt homeowners to stay put, but how will that impact inventory?

Approximately half of American homeowners who currently have a mortgage enjoy a rate of less than 4%. Given that interest…

11 months ago

Higher Interest Rates Are Coming Soon!

For homebuyers across the country, it feels like a never-ending uphill battle. Tight inventory, multiple offers on ‘fixer’ properties, and…

1 year ago

June 2021 Signals Indicate Housing Market Easing

Buyer sentiment data shows that potential new homeowners are chilling out about purchasing in this seller's market.

2 years ago