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A Q&A With Century 21® AllPoints Realty's PJ Louis

A Q&A with PJ Louis of CENTURY 21® AllPoints Realty, one of America's most successful brokerages concerning a recent partnership…

7 months ago

Potential Aldar & Surouh Merger - A Multi-billion Rescue at Hand?

Talks of a merger between Abu Dhabi companies Aldar and Sorouh may take share prices higher, but as for adding…

11 years ago

Real Estate Management Software Firm Bought Out by IBM

IBM yesterday announced it will buy out the Tririga Inc. software firm, which produces real estate management applications, for a…

13 years ago

ProLogis AMB Merger Solves A Wealth of Problems

In news from the commercial sector, Denver based ProLogis, and AMB Property Corporation of S.F. announced on Wednesday their merger…

13 years ago