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Experts warn against blindly accepting mortgage forbearance

Left unable to work due to the coronavirus pandemic, around 2 million American homeowners have sought to apply for mortgage…

3 years ago

Principal Reduction in Loan Mods: Good or Bad?

Few topics have sparked more debate among housing market watchers than mortgage principal reduction. Its proponents tout debt forgiveness as…

11 years ago

Extension Gives Foreclosed Borrowers More Time To Seek Compensation

A home foreclosure is a terrible experience - one that nobody wants to go through, but if your home was…

11 years ago

Short Sales to Speed Up

Following a recent settlement with the state attorneys general, new short sale requirements are to be adopted by the largest…

11 years ago

Fannie Mae to Extend Forbearance Plans to Unemployed

Good news for unemployed homeowners at last, as Fannie Mae says it will provide additional aid to those who are…

11 years ago

Deadline Extended For Banks To Revamp Foreclosure Practices

Federal regulators have given the nation's 16 leading mortgage lenders another month to work out how they are going to…

12 years ago