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Former city slickers are adapting to small town life

Former urban dwellers who swapped the city center for smaller towns and suburbs during the COVID-19 pandemic are showing signs…

3 years ago

How can companies make their offices more attractive post COVID-19?

The coronavirus outbreak has created an army of remote workers, and it’s left those in the commercial real estate industry…

3 years ago

Welcome to the post-coronavirus office space

As companies gear up to get back to work, many are preparing their office spaces to try and make them…

3 years ago

LiquidSpace expands altSpace program for flexible workspaces across the U.S.

These days it’s not easy to find a decent office space with adaptable terms. But a startup called LiquidSpace recently arrived on…

7 years ago

Booming San Francisco Commercial Real Estate Market Tops Manhattan

Manhattan is still renowned for its high office rents, but San Francisco has quickly taken the lead. According to Main…

9 years ago

Helping A Client Find the Perfect Office Space

Finding the perfect office space can be challenging for any business – and every business is looking for something different…

9 years ago