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How Proptech is Affecting Real Estate Agents: Understanding the Impact of Technology on the Industry

Real estate technology, or Proptech, refers to the application of technology to the real estate industry. Proptech is a broad…

4 weeks ago

How Proptech is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry and What to Expect

The real estate industry is one of the largest and most important sectors of the global economy. It is also…

2 months ago

What Is the Future of Proptech and Real Estate?

Illustration of prop tech or property technology which is an application of information technology and platform economics to real estate…

6 months ago

Technology and the Real Estate Market

When it comes to technology and the real estate market, Proptech has been hailed as the latest, most disruptive force.…

7 months ago

Quebec-based Urbanimmersive Acquires CoreLogic’s HomeVisit Visual Marketing Tool Chest

Urbanimmersive has announced having acquired the assets of HomeVisit for stocks and other considerations estimated at around $8 million.

8 months ago

Compass is Poised to Sink or Swim This Week

Will Compass, the real estate industry's tech darling, fly or crash this week? This is the big question this week…

10 months ago

Roofstock Keeps Rocking Proptech Raising Another $240M

Roofstock announced last week raising Series E funding in the amount of $240 million.  This increases the single-family rental investment…

1 year ago

Nomad Homes Snags $20M in Funding: Well Invested? Let’s Wait and See

UAE startup Nomad Homes gleans $20 million in Series A funding. Here's a status report on that MLS innovation development.

2 years ago