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Restaurants are the new trend in commercial real estate

Sales of restaurants are positively booming, surpassing supermarket sales for the first time in almost twenty years late last year.

7 years ago

The student housing sector is scorching hot right now

Student housing has become one of the hottest sectors in real estate, with $2.6 billion worth of capital pouring into…

7 years ago

The real estate tech sector is getting hotter by the day

Real estate is the land that technology forgot. A land where millions of dollars in property inventories are tracked on…

7 years ago

The impact of immigrants on U.S. housing markets

No matter what your stance is on immigration to the United States, there's no doubt the flow of people is…

7 years ago

How startups are changing Oakland's real estate sector

The start-up arena itself is very volatile and difficult to predict and this can be multiplied tenfold for the technology…

7 years ago