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Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices include technology that can automate and control security, air-conditioning and heating and ventilation and which can extend…

6 years ago

Survey Finds Just 26% of Consumers Want Smart Home

It’s easy to imagine that everybody would like a smart home, but in fact, a new survey carried out by…

6 years ago

Intel Security Survey Shows Concern over Cyber Security

The “Internet of Things and the Smart Home” survey was carried out in July last year and the results were…

7 years ago

Using Smart Technology to Protect Your Home

Although for many of us the idea of owning a smart home may seem to be a little futuristic, a…

7 years ago

Smart Thermostat Market to explode between 2015-2019

Technology research firm Technavio’s latest market research report, Global Smart Thermostat Market 2015-2019, provides an in-depth analysis of the market…

7 years ago