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What Facebook's support for 360° video means for real estate

Virtual reality and augmented reality are often touted as the technology of tomorrow, but the 'real' reality is it's already…

6 years ago

Zillow adds video walkthroughs for rental listings

Zillow has just added video walkthroughs on rental listings, providing renters with a new and more immersive way to envision…

6 years ago

VidBrander makes video marketing easy

Real estate professionals now have the ability to upload their own videos, or select from a pre-loaded library of 100…

6 years ago

How to Make a Selling Impact With Real Estate Video

As social media sharing continues to shape the evolution of “word of mouth” marketing, video is quickly becoming the best…

7 years ago

Go Mobile or Go Home: It’s Real Estate’s Turn to Take Advantage of Mobile Tech

At last, the real estate industry is beginning to understand that allowing consumers to do more on their phones leads…

7 years ago

Scouting Owl makes Virtual real estate tours easy

Real estate agent's lives may have just gotten a whole lot easier, if a new virtual reality-based marketing solution lives…

7 years ago

Samsung's leaked Galaxy S7 Edge could be water resistant

Samsung is having a hard time keeping a lid on its secretive new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones.

7 years ago

Tips to make your Real Estate Videos go Viral

In the case of real estate, a viral video is one that creatively promotes a property, real estate company and/or…

8 years ago