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The Hottest Features for Todays Homebuyers

By Jamie Richardson | July 1, 2017

We live in an age of immediate gratification, and standout features can win over potential homebuyers. These homebuyers want structures that feature smart devices, communal and recreational spaces, and indoor-outdoor areas.

Communal space allows people to connect with each other and have areas created for having fun. Wide-paneled windows and doors allow homeowners to bask in natural lighting and create a high-end, modern look. Smart home technology is trending for homes because people want to use devices in the home that make their lives easier. Explore more ways each of these features can make a home appealing for homebuyers who want them.

Communal and Recreational Spaces
Ease of use can apply to living space. Homebuyers prize communal space even in single-family homes. Anything from larger open kitchen plans to convenient parking spots for food trucks creates space for gatherings with family and friends. These features assure buyers they will have an active social life in their home of choice.

Recreational spaces such as bocce courts and wide backyards also serve as places for homebuyers to have fun with their friends. Millennial homebuyers look for these versatile entertaining areas, and the rest of the market is quickly picking up this trend.

Smart Devices
Smart homes and gadgets simplify daily life. Homebuyers want features that can interact with the devices they use often, such as smartphones or computers. The home automation market is present in everything from home security features to smart speakers. Interactivity is important, as many of these items connect with each other and respond to voice commands.

Many smart lock or bell systems send homeowners pictures of potential intruders to their phones or email accounts. Devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home promote easy control centers for your fleet of smart home technology. According to the National Association of REALTORS, millennials make up 34 percent of homebuyers, making them one of the largest populations of people seeking homes. Homes should have smart technology features lest they lose their appeal to this growing market segment.

Indoor-Outdoor Living
A fluid indoor-outdoor space is a hallmark of today’s modern designs. The contemporary designs of Paradisa Homes, for example, feature many Austin, Texas, properties that match this trend. Large panel doors and glass windows allow for natural lighting and increase the size of entertainment areas.

This flexible design element creates free movement from the yard to indoor amenities and helps expand patio areas. Luxury homebuyers are especially interested in the versatility and energy efficiency of this feature. Also, the minimalist, modern look adds to the design of high-end homes.

The features that homebuyers covet show the main influencers in the homebuying market. Millennial homebuyers push the need for communal spaces and smart devices. Luxury homebuyers also prize recreational spaces and indoor-outdoor living.

However, the rest of the market isn't far behind with capitalizing on these trends. Homebuyers enjoy the ease of access shown in the interconnectedness of smart devices and fluid indoor-outdoor spaces. Communal and recreational areas allow room for a busy social life and present great staging opportunities. With these features in place, prospective homeowners can build a seamlessly content life for themselves and their families.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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