The Kitchen: “The Heart of your Home”

No room outshines the kitchen! Simply put, your kitchen is the heart of your home. The very heartbeat of your family’s time together depends on how well it s. Whether you are a Realtor listing a home, a homeowner looking to sell, or just in the process of planning a kitchen remodeling project, this cozy room is, in my opinion, the most important room in the house. It’s a make or break deal.

Your kitchen design is a make or break deal. © pics721 –

Consider some of the most important times in your memories… are they centered around a kitchen setting? Good food? Special times together with family members and friends (some departed, some living)? I can answer that one for myself and say that my Grandmother’s kitchen was a place where I learned to cook and create wonderful things that were then shared and enjoyed by the family.

Nothing evokes special memories like the smell of gingerbread cooking or the sound of the pressure cooker. These are etched in my memory and on my heart. I imagine that my feelings about the importance of the kitchen contributed to my devotion to kitchen design as an adult. My grandmother is not with us now, but the loving memories of her and her kitchen stay with me forever.

Memories of a perfect family kitchen can last a lifetime. © Darren Baker –

As the kitchen is central to your family’s special times it therefore deserves special attention when planning. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Dream your perfect kitchen in your head first. Think about how many purposes it will serve in your family’s future. Cooking? Entertaining?
  2. Create a clip file of photos and articles that inspire you. Keep it handy so that you may add to it at anytime! This file will become very important to you as you eventually work with a professional to get what you want.
  3. Decide on a budget. How much improvement can your home take in this current market? Consult a realtor for advice on this subject.
  4. Choose a qualified Kitchen Designer that can help you bring your ideas to life. The kitchen is the most complicated room in the house. You will need assistance but choose carefully as the process is long and arduous. Select someone that will listen to you.

As a young Navy wife, thirty years ago I fell in love with kitchens. I lived in twelve places in nine years. Some of my kitchens where fine… some absolutely awful. But that experience gave me a glimpse into kitchen design that ignited a fire in me. I decided then and there my life’s work would be kitchens and helping my clients create the perfect one for them.

Kitchen Passion!

Janiece Todd Parsons

*Visit Janiece’s’ personal blog at Dsgnmomonline for more inspirational kitchen ideas

Janiece Parsons

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