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Thought leadership ideas for realtors

By Letitiah Obiri | August 6, 2018

There are plenty of ways for realtors to create more brand awareness for their business and establish themselves as thought leaders. Thought leadership is the a tried and tested method to boost your authority and attract more leads. Whether it’s appearing in the media or speaking at conferences, real estate agents should use these tips to showcase their expertise and credibility in the field.

Create reports and white papers

Produce authoritative content such as reports and white papers that uncovers interesting insights into the property sector. This not only demonstrates your industry knowledge but is also great for lead generation. You can make the data exclusive to website visitors who sign up to access it online. This is usually known as gated content and it enables you to capture the leads who show an interest in your content. What’s more, you can gain even more coverage for your white papers by submitting key highlights to targeted press. If there is a relevant property news story, you may be invited on TV to act as a talking head, further raising your brand profile.

Write guest posts for leading publishers

Broaden your reach by writing for the leading publications in the real estate industry and target new audiences. Whilst its recommended to have a business blog for your own website, many of the established websites already have a huge following. Publishing articles on these other websites will help to drive qualified traffic back to your website and expose you to potential new leads. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to gain more links to your website from credible sources which helps boost your search engine rankings.

Host your own podcast

These days everyone and his dog seems to have a podcast but its popularity lies in the fact that almost anyone can record one. Alongside blogging, podcasting adds a new and exciting way to connect with clients. You could host as often as you see fit, as long as you have a consistent schedule, and can invite guests to cover topics pertinent to the property sector. If you don’t have the means to host your own podcast, consider becoming a guest speaker on one of the more established real estate shows. Podcasts like Bigger Pockets could grant you fantastic exposure, so ensure you promote your appearance across all your marketing channels.

Book public speaking engagements

Build authority in your niche at conferences by speaking or hosting industry panels. Many of the high profile realtor conferences regularly call out for speakers who may already be exhibiting. Use this as an opportunity to network with your peers and clients in person and share your knowledge on property trends that affect the industry. Take advantage of your speaking gig to actively promote your business by encouraging attendees to visit your stand to learn more about your listings.

With competition often fierce in the real estate sector, savvy realtors need to look at creative ways of standing out. By establishing a presence as a leading authority in your sector, you will be seen as the go-to voice amongst your peers as well as clients.

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