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Top 10 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Own Their Own Domain Name

Real estate remains one of the most lucrative sectors in the global economy. In 2018, 5.5 million existing homes were sold in the U.S.  A recent report by Institutional Real Estate, Inc. (IREI) says apartment construction is at its highest level in 20 years.

Taking Your Business Online

The numbers are good, however, this is also one of the most competitive industries. As a real estate agent, you have to look for a smart strategy to stay ahead of the pack. A real estate website is one of the best tools to survive in this highly volatile industry.

Choosing the right domain name is one of the most crucial considerations when building a real estate website. More importantly, you have to take full ownership of your domain name.

This is the address clients use to find your site. It is a crucial part of your branding efforts. This guide highlights why you should own your domain name.

The Pros of Owning Your Domain Name

There’s no denying the importance of a real estate website. However, in a rush to set up their websites, many real estate agents fail to own their domain names fully. This can later devastate all branding efforts.

Here are some reasons to own a domain name:

1.     Building your Brand

 Once you choose a domain name, your clients will use it to visit your site. More importantly, they will associate it with your business. For this reason, you have to take full ownership of the domain name as a branding tool.

2.     It is Cheap

 When buying web hosting solutions, you should insist on full ownership of your domain name. Don’t accept a package that doesn’t give you full access to your domain. The extra cost is negligible.

3.     Avoid Future Costs

If you don’t take ownership of your domain name today, someone else will. This will, in turn, lead to unnecessary costs in the future. Many people register domain names and resell them later.

4.     Increased Site Traffic

To drive sales, you have to attract visitors to your site. Choosing a great domain name and taking ownership is one way to drive web traffic.

5.     Boosts Conversion

When clients see your brand name and relate it to your business, their trust in your brand grows. This connection makes it easier for them to transact with your real estate business.

6.     Easy to Register and Set Up

You can use a domain search tool to find what is available quickly. Once you identify the best domain name, registration is fast and easy.

7.     Familiarity

If you have an established local real estate agency, buying the same domain name is a no-brainer. Your clients will easily find you online. This familiarity builds loyalty and grows your online presence.

8.     Better Ranking on Search

Getting the best ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) is not easy. You can choose an SEO-optimized domain name to boost your ranking for your target keywords. 

Google likes brands because customers like brands. With your business domain name, you will enjoy better ranking.

9.     Credibility

Real estate investors are wary and cautious. They take a lot of time to choose a real estate professional. Using your brand name as a domain name boost your credibility leading to more business.

10.  Locality

You can add a country extension to your domain name to target the local market. This boosts your brand’s presence, ranking on SERPs and increases conversion.

Owning your website domain name offers multiple benefits for your real estate business. You have total control of the site, and you can continue growing your brand online.

Ben Shepardson

Ben Shepardson is a Realty Biz News Contributing Writer and has a long track record of success in online marketing and web development. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems, he worked doing enterprise-level SEO and started an online business offering web development services to small business customers.

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