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Top Five Must-Listen Real Estate Podcasts

By Guest Author | October 3, 2018

Everyone is impacted by real estate. You live in real estate, you work in real estate, you watch movies in real estate. Real estate is everywhere. If you work as a real estate agent, are thinking about investing in property, or you just want to own your own house, we think you will find value in checking out one or all of these must-listen real estate podcasts.

1. Bigger Pockets
This is the original podcast on real estate investing and probably the most popular real estate podcast. The Bigger Pockets podcast comes from the very prosperous service which is focused on providing free content, tools, and resources for real estate investing and recently celebrated surpassing over one million users.

Brandon Turner and Joshua Dorkin, the brilliant hosts of Bigger Pockets, connect with a variety of real estate investors from around the world and interview them. The podcast includes all the important details such as how things started for them, where they are at today, and what is expected from the future both in and out of the real estate industry.

Episodes range in time from about 45 to 90 minutes and feature a sea of topics related to REI.

2. Tech Nest
Nate Smoyer, the CEO of Real Team Panda, hosts the real estate and tech podcast on The idea behind this show is to tell potential investors about the founders and leaders of different companies who are working hard to change the way we buy, sell, and invest in real estate. This is done by interviewing the leaders and innovators from different companies who defy the typical process.
The second season of Tech Nest launched October 1st and features more than a dozen real estate leaders.

3. Office Hours with Spencer Rascoff
Spencer Rascoff is the CEO of Zillow, the leading real estate and rental marketplace, and hosts the podcast Office Hours with Spencer Rascoff. Despite the fact that the podcast focuses less on real estate and more on leadership, we’ve included this podcast because it provides insights into the thought process behind one of the most important real estate technology companies.

Listen to honest discussions about leadership, culture, management, and the shifting role of leaders in the digital age as Spencer brings private conversations with top business leaders into the public.

4. The Real Estate Guys
Meet the Real Estate Guys: Robert Helms, a professional investor, and Russell Grey, a financial strategist. The guys successfully aired their first show on radio in 1997 and now they have one of the most downloaded podcasts of all time. Both hosts are very entertaining and deliver accurate real estate education through their weekly podcast which they like to refer to as being hype-free. If you are looking for a podcast that gives out honest and fruitful advice, this is the one for you. Definitely check out their recent podcast with Robert Kiyosaki, author of the #1 personal finance book of all time - Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

5. Clarified Realty
Clarified Realty is a healthy mix of education and insight across both the real estate agency world and the mortgage lending world. It’s put together by Tom Clary, a licensed real estate agent for Keller-Williams, and Ron Bruno, a mortgage lender for Guaranteed Rate who has spent 10 years in sales, marketing, and business development.

For most of their 10-year tenure, Ron has dealt with and served business owners, executives, professionals, and first-time home-buyers in handling their personal finances. Both hosts are deeply committed to educating the public and their clients regarding REI.

Honorable Mentions

1. Tom Ferry Podcast
Tom Ferry isn’t a new name in the real estate biz, especially when it comes to coaching and everything related to real estate. All this exposure is the reason behind his advice standing the test of time with over two decades of real estate success. Tom talks about every side of this industry, meaning there is something for everyone in his podcast.

2. Unlisted with Brad Inman
No longer creating new episodes, Brad Inman, the founder and owner of, put together a podcast where he interviews top producers and influencers in the real estate sector. He has been in real estate for decades and is prominently recognized as a revolutionary leader. Unlisted gives you an excellent opportunity to learn about an array of real estate tips and topics.
With so many amazing options, the only question you should ask yourself now is which podcast are you going to listen to first?

About James Green: James is an accomplished Executive, Consultant, and Entrepreneur with 14+ years of success in the online dating, pet, and real estate industries. He is currently Founder and CEO of Offer To Close is a transaction coordinator service, and is working to make the process of buying and selling real estate simpler and more transparent.

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