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TrueParity Helps Homeowners Find Top Real Estate Agents to Sell Their Homes

TrueParity has recently launched a next-gen real estate platform that empowers homeowners to find the best agents to sell their homes. TrueParity provides value to all parties involved, streamlining the selling process and eliminating friction in every real estate transaction. The PropTech startup has opened access to homeowners in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida and plans to expand to other areas soon.

Before writing any code, TrueParity conducted extensive research through hundreds of interviews with home sellers, real estate agents, and other industry professionals. It became evident that more than a one-size-fits-all approach to agent compensation is needed. 

TrueParity functions as an online platform where top agents in the area compete for homeowners' listings. This solves a longstanding industry problem where homeowners typically only speak with one agent before listing their property, potentially missing out on finding the best agent for their needs. TrueParity reimagines vetting by providing transparent data, modern technology, and healthy competition. Agents can even demonstrate their commitment by offering upfront cash to the homeowner for the listing.

Homeowners can now provide a few details about their property on TrueParity and receive multiple listing proposals from experienced agents in their neighborhood. They can review the terms of each submission and analyze agents' track records all in one place. This competitive process gives homeowners total control over the strategy and compensation for their home sale before signing a listing agreement. It also grants them access to elite real estate agent talent.

James Hotson, Co-Founder and CEO of TrueParity explains the platform's ambition, stating, "We are building the most powerful real estate solution in the market. We architected the platform to accommodate all types of sellers' needs, and the beauty of TrueParity is homeowners can sit back and have the top agents – verified by us – come to them. Agents can compete more fairly for listings with our flexible pricing structure that could include cash, commissions, or something else."

TrueParity has already achieved success with homeowners in Southern California. One satisfied user, Matthew Jope, shares his experience, "I was moving out of state and needed to sell my home quickly; however, I didn't just want to give it away at a total discount. Thanks to TrueParity, I found an agent that sold my house above the asking price and saved me thousands in commission fees."

Not only are homeowners satisfied with TrueParity, but the platform also attracts some of the best agents in the world. Sandro Dazzan, Managing Partner of The Agency in Malibu, emphasizes the importance of active listings for agents' success and praises TrueParity for bringing listings directly to him. Another agent, Willem De Ridder, shares his positive experience, saying, "TrueParity is incredible for an agent. When a local homeowner posted their house on the platform, I was able to connect with them, send a proposal, and I'm happy to share that we've recently just closed escrow."

With plans to expand to other major US metro areas soon, TrueParity believes its mission to empower sellers will resonate with homeowners and brokers in every local market. By offering unparalleled flexibility, TrueParity dedicates itself to creating significant value for homeowners, real estate agents, and the entire real estate ecosystem.

Mihaela Lica Butler

Mihaela Lica Butler is senior partner at Pamil Visions PR. She is a widely cited authority on public relations issues, with an experience of over 25 years in online PR, marketing, and SEO. She covers startups, online marketing, social media, SEO, and other topics of interest for Realty Biz News.

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