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UK Government Considers Building More New Towns

Apparently the UK government is thinking about building more new towns, and according to the article in the Property Wire, Prime Minister David Cameron is envisaging garden cities with characterful homes and plenty of open spaces. Not surprisingly his plans have already come under fire from green campaigners and rural groups, who feel if such ideas came to fruition they could disfigure the countryside.

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Cameron has already said the government will protect national parks and green belt land, but points out that there is an urgent need to find spaces for significant growth, and the resulting construction could help the economy. The government will launch a consultation process later on in the year to consider how to construct such cities in areas where people will actually want to live, and where they will be able to find jobs.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England Is already up in arms over these controversial plans, and is worried they may result in large developments that would be inappropriate and out of place, and which would damage the countryside and rural life currently enjoyed by local communities.

The UK Prime Minister has also given his support to the idea of a new international airport being built just east of London, pointing out that Britain needs to retain its status as a global hub rather than simply being a stop on the way to other international destinations that have larger airports, such as Dubai or Amsterdam. But he has ruled out a third runway being constructed at Heathrow.

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