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Ways to Promote Your Real Estate Brokerage

Anyone and everyone in real estate knows that the market fluctuates. Sometimes it’s a buyer’s market and other times it’s a seller’s market. Unless you are strictly a seller’s brokerage or a buyer’s brokerage, any marketing you employ should be broad in reach. Yes, you may wish to represent more buyers than sellers, or vice versa, but the point is that growth is realized through marketing efforts. If you are looking to grow your real estate brokerage, here are a few ideas you might want to explore.

First – A Word About 21st Century Consumers

As the largest group of consumers with spending power today, you may wish to focus your efforts on millennials. Unless you strictly deal with retirement villas which would require greater efforts among Boomers, millennials are going to be the market you are after. So, what are millennials looking for? Research and study after study indicate that millennials are big on environmental issues. If you truly want to capture the upper segment of this market, use marketing tools that speak to them in eco-friendly terms.

Ideas That Reach Millennials Where It Matters

Yes, things like energy conservation are huge because of lower carbon footprints as well as a reduction in electric bills, so solar or alternative energy is going to be huge. However, your commitment to the environment can be even more basic than that! Have you thought about those promos you give away every time you run an open house or take a client to view a property? Why not use only promos which have been manufactured with only recycled materials. Those cooler bags printed for your real estate brokerage could be a great conversation starter on the finer points of homes or commercial properties you are showing. Talk about the high points of conservation while giving them that promo manufactured from sustainable materials. Show them you care and are in touch with the times. Believe it or not, that will go a long way with this generation of buyers.

By Invitation Only

If there is one thing consumers want it is to be important. Customer service is the biggest complaint most companies receive today and so by hosting an event such as an open house “By Invitation Only” that prospective buyer will feel somehow special or valued. However, use that open house to work your magic. Don’t just assemble people or make appointments to show real estate. Make an event of it! Use those giveaway promos mentioned above but offer cocktails and refreshments as well if you are showing high-end properties. The point is, the more attention you offer your clients, the more they will be willing to hear what you have to say and work with you on that deal.

If there is one thing millennials want it is to have better engagement with the companies they deal with. They don’t want to spend their money and then be thrown into the void; they want real communication with real people. Learn to talk on their terms about such things as the environment, and you’ve won a client for life. Maybe that’s all it takes.

Jamie Richardson

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