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Wellness programs can boost employee productivity by 10% or more

Most people believe that there’s a link between being in good health and being more productive at work, but in actual fact science has struggled to prove such claims.

That all changed this week when researchers from UCLA, The University of California Riverside, and Washington University published the results of a study involving a small sample of workers at commercial laundry plants located in the Midwest. The study found that employees whose health improved thanks to their participation in work-sponsored wellness program were 10 percent more productive within just three weeks.

The biggest change was noticed in sick workers who saw their health improve vastly from one screening to the next. Workers in this category saw their productivity output increase by 10.8 percent. But the study found that even those workers who were already very productive saw a boost after participating in workplace wellness programs.

“Our research suggests that corporate wellness plans can boost employee satisfaction by offering a tangible benefit that empowers them to take care of their health in a way that’s integrated into their busy lives,” Timothy Gubler, the study’s lead author, told the Wall Street Journal. “The result is healthier and happier employees who are not only less expensive and less absent, but also more productive.”

The report found that a more nutritious diet, more regular exercise and a reduction in stress were the biggest factors in improving employee productivity.

The takeaway is that the researchers believe their theory will extend to all industries, including real estate. As such, real estate firms and brokers could do well to consider implementing employee wellness programs into their own organizations.

“By showing concern for workers, organizations can strengthen employees’ loyalty and commitment to the company,” Gubler continued. “When workers discover unknown health problems through the program they may feel increased gratitude toward their employer and reciprocate that by increasing their efforts. Additionally, when programs help employees make healthy choices, this can positively impact their wellness, mood, and energy, and ultimately increase their productivity through increased capability.”

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