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When you want just a little more room...

By Guest Author | September 13, 2016

Most of us usually have to face the same problem - how to create more space in our home. There are always some clothes we need to store, or a pile of books we need to organize, or too many children’s games and a lack of space for them to play.


However, the process of rebuilding your house might be time-consuming, inconvenient and the costs involved can be rather substantial. Living in a small house or a flat gives you an opportunity to experiment, show some creativity and make the most of your living space. Even though, at first sight, it might not seem feasible to extend your room, there are many interesting ideas you can implement to make it more spacious and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you have the budget for room additions, you may contact a house addition contractor to discuss your plans and get an estimate for the project.

A bump-out

A micro multi-room addition, known as „a bump-out“, is as the name suggests an extension of the house, an extra room built on the location where we need more space. Home builders particularly love it as it is pretty cost-effective and not so demanding to build.

A bump-out usually adds only a few squares to the room which is enough for extending a kitchen or a bathroom or making a small storage or even a big closet. Another advantage of this tiny construction is the fact that it doesn’t require foundation since it serves only as an addition and, therefore, saves money. Also, it livens up the overall design since it looks like a bay window floating above the earth.

A sunroom

If you want to create more space and bring some light into your home, a sunroom would be a perfect choice. It can be built on a solid deck or on a concrete slab and it is usually made of aluminum frames and thermal-resistant glass. Sunrooms have certainly evolved and are more contemporary in design, adding elegance to the overall look of your home.

Since this additional room has ample of light, it can be multifunctional and serve not only as a working area, or an office, but also as a place for entertainment or relaxation and, above all, a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature that surrounds you. It generally doesn’t require considerable investment but it depends on the homeowner’s preferences regarding the building material and the building location.


Remove the interior walls

Knocking down the wall that separates two rooms is another efficient way how to open up the space in your home and bring more light in without spending a fortune. For instance, in apartments that have a small kitchen that is separated from the dining room, removing the wall and adjoining these two rooms together can significantly improve the entire space and let it breathe.

If you, however, decide to make some division afterwards, you can achieve this by using various kinds of features such as floor or ceiling levels, decorations, sliding walls and even fireplaces. Nevertheless, before starting any indoor demolition of the walls, it is necessary to check if it is a structural wall and whether you will need to gain the consent of the building control.

Create a vertical storage

It seems that things and clutter keep piling up regardless of whether we store it somewhere or throw it away. We spend a lot of time walking around the room, collecting it and thinking about how to organize it. Baskets and shelves are very helpful when it comes to organizing the clutter. What’s more, they can be very decorative and can improve the entire look of the interior design. Instead of placing things on the floor, try to make the most of your walls by using open storage such as shelves to organize your books and other smaller items. It will also draw the eye upward and make more room as well.

About the author: Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and the editor-in-chief on Smooth Decorator. Lana loves writing about home improvement an landscaping. She consulted with experts from Hudson Homes for obtaining the accurate information on extension building.

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