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Who's Using g+ for Realty for Big Pluses?

By Phil Butler | December 5, 2011

David GreenleesAs we have shown, not so many real estate agencies have much of a presence on the web. At least, that is, not much of an effective one. With Google + emerging as the most powerful social network of late, we will continue to take a look at professionals there, for a glimpse at online visibility success, if nothing else.

For some super examples of big business engagements, check out Kristi Hines' post on G+ pages, for closer to home Realtors, read on.

Google + Pages for Businesses will undoubtedly be the most popular tool for social interaction between customers and the companies they trust, in the future that is. Facebook, try as they have, has never allowed businesses to fully engage their clients, their customers. Answer a question here or there? Yes. But, monitor, show off, engage in ways such as using "hangouts" - this has never happened. Take a look at your contemporaries below, for a sneak peek at where the competition is headed.

Real Estate With Deborah - Lehigh Acres FL

Okay, besides having the absolute worst title of a G+ Page I ever saw, Deborah has managed to begin building a very nice profile on G+. Situated on the web, but on the ground in Lehigh Acres, Florida, Deborah also engages her potential customers on Facebook and Twitter. The company website could use some new paint, but overall, the agent seems to understand better than most the coming value of G+ at least. A tip of the hat to Deborah. Who is, by the way, currently only the assistant of Realtor William Eilf - Hmm, maybe the cart is before the horse here? Keep going Deborah A. Ten Brink!

G+ real estate pages.

G+ real estate page for this Florida agent in the making.

Okay, let me set the reader straight. Social media is still evolving. That Twitter account you set up two years ago, that never really put a dollar bill in your pocket - things take time, you know? Your Facebook efforts, for all the frustration you've felt because your phone never rank off the wall from there - you and Facebook needed to evolve. In many ways, Google is doing your online real estate work for you. Brokers like Jim Kimmons are opting in in a big way. Why?

The answer is, to be honest, Jim Kimmons "opted" into the Internet a long time ago. While you were sitting at the drive-thru to the old Schlotzsky's Deli back when, Jim was paving the way to becoming one of'smost successful experts. Okay, so Jim is in "the know" about web marketing. Shouldn't you be? Super job Jim, keep showing people how to ramp up, and we will too.

Jim Kimmons real estate broker

Jim Kimmons real estate broker - a smart cookie

Belize? Does it strike anyone as funny that a G+ search of G+ for real estate brokers reveals a Belize agency before Dallas, Washington, LA, News York City? Uhumm. Buy Belize Real Estate evidently knows something about a billion other Realtors do not. Let's just lay this out for you. Brokers Catherine Barothy and J. Trevor Miles know their clients speak presominantly English (Belize speaks English BTW) and that there are currently about 50 million people using G +.  I quote from their G + Page. (PS. I included their names in the tags 🙂

"Not only is Belize perfect for retirement, it's a great place to invest with proven developments that yield high returns and offers many beautiful locations to choose from for your dream home or island vacation getaway."

If for no other reason then, at least this Belize brokerage got mentioned in Google News for having a G+ business page . did you?

RE/MAX Realty Group Belize

RE/MAX Realty Group Belize - Where the heck is the Dallas contingent of ReMax?

Real estate investor Ryan Bush is kicking your butt unbeknownst to you, until now. INTERNET PROFITS DEPOT, LLC is what it's all about, right? I won't do more of your homework for you here. Another hint tho, and this is not ego talking. Ryan already added RealtyBizNews before I wrote this about him, look at the screen. "Seeing" what is going on, is as important as your own "goings on" sometimes. 🙂 Great job Ryan.

Ryan Bush rocking the web with real estate know how.

Ryan knows how to market himself, I think he can handle your house.

David Greenlees is the best. Do you know how we know? G+ enables you to search via several filters, one of which is "best of" - that's how. Go to Google + and find out how, I am not giving you everything here. Beside the G + easy button for finding the best, one look at David's G + presence pretty much does it for any upright walking primate. The guy has spent many hours filling in this presence. Many. And the pot of gold at the end?

Click the image and at least David wins the direct image link award for the day. Other than this, some of this guy's millions had to come from online connections. Just had to.

David Greenlees' G+ presence, awesome.

The awesome presence of David on all networks - click the image to link

We'll bring you more great profiles from G + and about the web later on. Take these under consideration, it's in the best interest of your business to explore all the possibilities. Think of it this way, where would you be without your cell phone in a world full of mobility? Phil out for now.

Phil Butler is a former engineer, contractor, and telecommunications professional who is editor of several influential online media outlets including part owner of Pamil Visions with wife Mihaela. Phil began his digital ramblings via several of the world’s most noted tech blogs, at the advent of blogging as a form of journalistic license. Phil is currently top interviewer, and journalist at Realty Biz News.
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