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Why Buy a House in Barrie Ontario?

By Guest Author | August 28, 2013

Are you thinking of investing in real estate within the southern Ontario area? Have you already made plans to buy a house located towards the north-west of Toronto? If you have affirmed to these questions, then you really should consider making your house purchase in Barrie, a city located within the province of Ontario, Canada.


Due to commendable research by experts, the city of Barrie has actually been certified to be an appropriate choice in this regard. For this reason alone, this article will attempt to explain some of the reasons why buying a house in the city of Barrie is a fine decision.

Affordability and presence of growing industries

Presently amongst all the cities within the Ontario province, Barrie has been ranked the highest with regards to ongoing industrial growth; the city is also known for affordable competition with regards to the cost of living, in other words, the level of the cost of goods and services is pretty low, thereby making Barrie a city where affordability is a norm. Also, quite a number of industries have sprung up with time, making the city a booming hive of activities; the present industries include plastics and metal production and processing, production of packaging materials, a thriving automation industry, electrical and electronics equipment production and currently, an involvement with geo-synthetic biosciences, a sector that is gradually taking the industry by storm.

Proximity to Canada's markets

What this actually means is that the city of Barrie is so well located that you can easily connect with more than 60 percent of Canada's market, in other words, you can as well get to most of the markets a lot easier than usual. Apart from the city's centralized spot with regards to the markets, the Pearson International Airport is just a 1 hour drive from the city. So just imagine how easy it would be for you having a house in a location that is actually close to the airport; now that would be a cool thing.

Access to a huge population

Known as the second fastest growing urban city in Canada, coupled with the fact that the city experiences an annual growth of about 4.9 percent; buying a house for sale in Barrie enables you to be connected to more than 6.2 million people who are just about 160 km radius away. Knowing this fact will obviously make you feel like you are not just dwelled in a town with limited potentials, but that you are dwelled in a town full of possibilities, a growing population with lots of attractions, a moving train of industries etc.

A great tax system

Now this should really excite you; if for no other reason, this bit should really see you buying a house in this city. Barrie has been certified to have one of the most balanced tax systems in the whole of Canada. Trust me, this is no mere speculation or just word of mouth, but it is an actual declaration by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses. The tax system is so transparent that issues are hardly ever experienced; that is definitely a big plus for a city.

There are over 1,000 acres of available land meant for industrial development. Imagine having a dwelling and being in a city where there is more than enough room for industrial development; you can be sure that the possibilities are just endless.

Among the top 10 places for dwelling and investment

According to experts, specifically the members of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), spearheaded by Don R. Campbell, the Senior Research Analyst at the network, alongside his team, ranked the city of Barrie has one the top 10 places in Canada to invest in with regards to business and real estate, but specifically real estate.

So there you have it, if it's about real estate investment, buying a house and putting yourself in a strategic environment in preparation for a better future, then the city of Barrie is your place.


About the author: This article was written on the behalf of RE/MAX Chay, a reality brokerage in Barrie Ontario. They Specialize in finding the home of your dreams, whether it be a new home for sale in Barrie, or a condo, the realtors at RE/MAX will find it

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