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Why you should invest in community housing

By Al Twitty | March 22, 2017

Buying a house is almost every person’s dream, and it’s also one of the biggest investment anyone can make. When looking to purchase your dream home, you need to consider many factors, including price, size, location, floor plan, and type, among others.

Choosing arbitrarily is something you shouldn’t try, you need to go for the best housing project available. To save yourself from multiple problems that come your way opt for community housing. It’s unique unlike traditional neighbourhoods and has designated areas to suit the needs of its residents.

Here’re some of the reasons why you should live or invest in a community housing:
You live in a unique neighborhood. In the past, community planners build homes with the neighbourhood concept. But, this has changed in modern times. Present developments are now constructed with the surrounding area in mind. This means that social conveniences such as schools, parks, hospitals, banking, and other facilities are built around them. Also, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment facilities are developed nearby or even along the community housing.

Most communities are centred on a certain theme such as lakes, golf, tennis facilities, or any interactive feature. What makes community housing neighbourhood unique is the fact that developers study everything first before building it.

Amazing landscaping. Everyone loves living in a community with prettily clipped lawns and easily reachable areas. One awesome example is Lendlease community housing near Melbourne where you can see splendid landscaping and nearby amenities as one of these features. What more the communities offer you with an area to jog, bike, and playgrounds for kids. The pricing is inexpensive because the communities are all alike in their floor plan.

Protection from devaluation. Another good feature of the community housing is that the pricing stays stable. The owners of these houses keep their properties in good condition. The developers use top contractors with years of experience to develop and build the property so you will get the best talent creating it in the market. Quality construction is valuable because you don’t have to worry about constant repairs, you can just sustain the house in its current condition.

You stay flexible. Flexibility is a top factor people contemplate when choosing their home, and community housing gives this benefit. The housing cost is low, and you’ll appreciate the liberty of funding through shared equity. This flexibility makes the community model better placed and focused on addressing multifaceted housing needs. You can straightforwardly fund the housing through your preferred mortgage provider.

You get the best value for your money. When looking for a good housing investment, community housing is your best option. You get the best value for your money since you can leverage on diverse forms of funding. Also, you can use it to borrow against property this lets you enhance your finances with ease. Lendlease community housing near Melbourne, for instance, is a good starting point when looking for affordable homes in a remarkable neighbourhood. Check it out.

Community housing, as stated beforehand is focused on the needs and wants of its residents. Aside from getting a quality house, you get a dynamic environment that will suit your living and leisure needs. Don’t invest in non-proven community builders and go for time-tested builders since so much money is at stake. Best of luck!

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