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Your Home Away From Home

A house isn’t a home until you’ve made it your own. Now a lot of condominiums are going to come with their own furniture and layout, but this doesn’t mean you’ve got to stick with it. Look at the drapes, look at the lamps, look at the sofa and the chairs in the kitchen. Are they too Spartan for your tastes, or are they not Spartan enough?

What about color? Is your condo a drab conglomeration of dull hues, or does it have a little pizazz? Does it “pop”, or does it “fizzle”? And what’s the carpet situation—or is there carpet? You’re going to want it in some rooms and not in others. It’s a lot more comfortable to swing your feet out of bed onto soft, cushy carpet than it is to put your feet down on cold stone tile.

That said, you don’t want carpet in the foyer, the kitchen, or on the deck! It’ll just get dirty, and represent a pain to maintain. It’s better here to have wood or tile. Not all condominiums are made equal, luxurious or not. Some are going to require more work after you buy them than others to get things such that the space is a place you can call your home, not a crash-pad.

One of the most important features of a good condo is its spaciousness. You want one that feels larger than it is. In the Atlanta area, there are many available as the economy has experienced an uptick. According to Own Atlantic, their Atlantic luxury condos feature: “High ceilings and generous windows [which] amplify the feeling of spaciousness while timeless design elevate[s] these homes to an enviable level.”

When Economy Is On The Rise
A luxury condo purchased in an up-and-coming population area with a solid economy is something that is likely to appreciate in value at some point. Such a living solution can represent more than a vacation spot, it can truly be a home that is an asset.

Many new condos clock in at between $300k and $1.2 million. Now that value will shift up and down over time. What you want to do is buy low and sell high—that’s true with anything. But with Atlanta, the economic upswing has a greater sustainability about it than some other areas, meaning a more secure housing market likely to maintain for a longer time.

But if you really want to increase the value of your property, properly refurbish it. You can add and subtract features that will up the value. Are you on a corner unit? What’s the deck look like? Do you have a roof unit—is it possible there’s a small attic that can be converted into a usable space? How about the walls: can one be knocked down here, and one put in there?

Condo Flipping
Just like there’s a market for flipping houses, there’s a market for flipping condos. Depending on your purposes here, there’s a lot of possibility that comes in this echelon of real-estate. Many people buy condos and rent them out in the off-season to generate additional income.

Properly renovate the inside, add amenities, and keep it clean, you could make real money.
If you’re from Atlanta and are looking to buy property of a secure kind, condos often represent a wise choice. If you’re passing through, or regularly spend time there, having a luxury condo downtown could be the thing for you.

Between LA, NY and Atlanta, there’s a lot of transit these days. All three are entertainment centers of the world. This means the condo market has greater sustainability than in some other large metropolitan areas.

Al Twitty

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