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Zillow® Releases New Zillow Mortgage Marketplace App for iPad®

In case you haven’t heard, Zillow® just launched the new Zillow Mortgage Marketplace app for iPad® towards the end of last month.  The new app, which is free for iPad owners, was specifically programmed for the iPad because of the product’s multiple interactive, multi-touch screen capabilities that are available to Apple users. The purpose behind the app is to allow home buyers in the marketplace an easy and effective method to research and shop various loan options, interest rates, and home loan lenders who can meet their needs for a specific, customized mortgage product.

As Zillow puts it, Zillow Mortgage Marketplace for iPad has reinvented mortgage shopping by providing easy-to-use mortgage calculators and lively charts and graphics that make for an engaging and comprehensive experience for everyone in the market for a new home loan. Easily find out what you can afford or whether refinancing your existing home loan is the right financial decision for you all at the tap of a finger. Functions for the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace App for iPad include:

  • The ability to utilize the Zillow Mortgage calculator for the feasibility, and customized monthly mortgage payments and refinancing costs depending on your unique situation
  • The ability to shop current mortgage rates and anonymously request a loan request or more information
  • Compare personalized mortgage quotes from various home loan lenders
  • Easy access to over 20,000 home loan lender ratings and reviews from real-time customers
  • The ability to connect with preferred Zillow lenders who have the capability to pre-approve you before your home search even begins.

For more information on the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace App for iPad or other great Zillow real estate Apps, visit Zillow.com, or better yet, simply download it today!

Joe Heath

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