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20 Real Estate Agent Blogs That Stay Current

Varying statistics have been thrown around about how many of today’s home buyers start their search on the web, but regardless of certain discrepancies, one thing is certain: it’s a lot. In a world where many real estate companies struggle with getting found, marketability, and developing their real estate brand, consistent blogging remains an underused web marketing strategy that can help drive visibility, higher search rankings, and widespread consumer acceptance.

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It’s no secret that posting frequent blog articles is a key element towards stronger search engine optimization. Past studies have shown that small businesses that blog regularly get 55% more website visitors than those business who rarely add fresh content or don’t blog at all. The one thing almost every real estate agent in the business will tell themselves is that selling homes is a numbers game—eventually, someone they’re working with will either buy or rent a home and all that hard work will pay off at some point. Well, if that’s true, the numbers I’d want on my side are 55% more website visitors than the competition. And in order to see those numbers, it would appear that all I have to do is follow one simple rule when it comes to web marketing: BLOG!

But despite the proven advantages of blogging, many real estate agents still fail to take initiative and find one excuse or another as to why adding a new article to their real estate blog has somehow been put on the back burner. Not all real estate agents fall into this category, however. For every agent who doesn’t take web marketing and blogging seriously, there’s usually always one who does.

Earlier, I spent some time researching quality, frequently-updated real estate blogs from agents around the country; and despite coming across dozens of real estate blogs that haven’t had a new post since 2010 [or earlier in some cases], I was actually able to find a handful of blogs that I thought had quality content and certainly worth sharing. Listed below 20 real estate blog sites that stay current and up-to-date by giving readers fresh new takes on the local market, community happenings, and various other topics relating to the real estate market:

Joe Heath is a graduate of Indiana University and also holds a Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development from Drexel University. After working as a Market Research Associate and writing published Market Snapshots for Hanley Wood Market Intelligence in Chicago, Joe now works as a Web Marketing Specialist and is a managing partner at Real Estate Web Creation, LLC.

Joe Heath

Joe Heath is a Digital Marketing Specialist with Real Estate Web Creation — a boutique agency that offers affordable and effective SEO and website development services to real estate agents, brokers, home builders, and developers.

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