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Sustainability trends that could change the real estate sector in 2023

As for any industry out there, trends come and go. But the sustainability trends projected for 2023 are about to…

3 weeks ago

Power Investment to take advantage of

Investing in the energy sector can be an intelligent financial decision, especially as the demand for clean and renewable energy…

3 weeks ago

What You Should Expect When Working With We Buy Houses

Did you know that, in 2022, nearly a third of all US homes were purchased with cash? Cash offers are becoming increasingly…

4 weeks ago

Jerome Karam Insights And Trends Driving Real Estate Development

Real estate development is a significant and ever-involving industry and has been so for many years. With advances in technologies,…

1 month ago

Scot French Why The Big Apple Remains a Smart Real Estate Investment Choice

Despite lots of negative press about problems, The Big Apple is still a top pick for cities worthy of real…

1 month ago

Mortgage Rate Roller Coaster: What’s Going on in the Real Estate Industry?

If you’ve been watching the housing markets lately, you’ve noticed a startling trend: mortgage rates have been rising seemingly out…

1 month ago

Why determining brokerage value is so hard

“Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades,” said famed Major League baseball outfielder and manager, Frank Robinson. While his famous…

1 month ago

A Brief Guide to CMB Securities

Commercial mortgage-backed securities (also known as CMBS) are a type of fixed-income security forming 2% of the fixed-income market. These…

2 months ago