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A Market Like No Other!

We are operating in a supply-constrained market with increasing mortgage rates, a market like no other. The implication is agent…

1 week ago

Techvestor’s Sief Khafagi Offers Insights for Short-Term Rental Market: Focusing on the Fundamentals of Real Estate

There’s no denying the overwhelming benefits of technology in our lives. As Techvestor’s CEO and co-founder Sief Khafagi reviews, emerging…

1 week ago

Bhaktraj Singh: Ontario Developers Should Set Their Sights On Alzheimer's Care Facilities

More than half a million people in Canada are living with some form of dementia, and with an aging population…

1 month ago

The Role AJ Osborne is Playing in Making the Self-Storage Industry Easier than Ever to Enter for Investors

If someone truly cares about the industry they’re in, regardless of what industry that is, then they will do everything…

2 months ago

The Gift of Education

I’ve been in real estate my whole life. Literally. My father made his career in real estate and development. My…

2 months ago

The surprising reason why brokers sell good companies

Warren Buffet famously said, "The real thing to do with a great business is just hanging on for dear life."…

2 months ago

Vladislav Doronin: Signature Buildings That Define Cities

Vladislav Doronin, Aman Resorts owner and OKO Group chairman, founder and CEO, has spearheaded numerous high-profile developments across Miami and…

2 months ago

Uncover Opportunities: The Power of Predictive Analytics in Identifying Homes Likely to List

Today’s near-record-low inventory levels give those brokerages with listings a greater advantage than ever before. While agents are scouring the…

2 months ago