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Social Media Marketing to Millennials — Building Relationships

Take a moment to consider where the online marketing world is at today for real estate. Much of the older…

1 week ago

5 of the Latest Q4 Trends in the Real Estate Industry

When it comes to interesting and quickly changing trends in the real estate industry, 2022 has definitely been a banner…

2 weeks ago

5 Tips on Keeping Sales Strong During a Crisis

The Great Depression. The Wall Street crash in 1929. The September 11th attacks. Katrina. The recession. COVID-19. There are many…

3 weeks ago

Toronto’s Moez Kassam: Building Futures with Homes First

As co-founder and Chief Investment Officer, Moez Kassam has led the Canadian hedge fund, Anson Funds, to deliver some outstanding…

3 weeks ago

The New Jersey Housing Market: Dennis Lynch Discusses Falling Prices

The real estate market has been a challenge to navigate during the past few years, and New Jersey is no…

4 weeks ago

How Twitter's Monthly Fee Verification Will Affect Real Estate Agents

Are you wondering if it's still worth using Twitter for your real estate business? Twitter's recent decision to start charging…

4 weeks ago

When Will the Housing Market Go Back to Normal Home Prices?

Did you know that the average house in the United States now costs over $350,000? As you might guess, this has…

4 weeks ago

Finding Growth in a Chaotic Real Estate Market

A mere week had passed since Hurricane Ian tore through Southwest Florida, leaving a swath of damages that could reach…

1 month ago