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4 High-End Air Conditioner Features to Expect From the Latest Models

Are you planning to buy one of the latest air conditioners this summer? If you have a reasonable budget, you should buy one that comes with the latest features. But what are some of the features that you should look out for? Do you know a reliable ac service like this AC Installation Services | Yeti Cooling & Heating that can help you install it? Here are some of them that you need to keep in mind:

1. Ubiquitous Sensor Network

Want smart cooling in your air conditioning unit? Make sure you buy one that comes with a Ubiquitous Sensor Network. AC brands are now using some of the most advanced control sensors to impart smart cooling. The image sensor technology provides equal attention to every person in a room for equal cooling comfort while also minimizing the wastage of cooling. 

Suppose there are five people in the room. The image sensor will detect the number of heads, along with their locations, and accordingly cool the room to provide maximum comfort. Additionally, the sensors can also see the room’s size and shape to regulate the fan swing angle with its smart swing feature. 

2. App control of HVAC systems

Many air conditioners already have this feature where you can control their operations using your smartphone. You can switch on, switch off, change temperatures, and even control the swing using the brand's app. It substitutes the need for your AC's remote. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is whether the new models come with WiFi connectivity technology or not. 

Once you set up your HVAC system to your home WiFi network, you can control it from any room you want. The best part about this feature is connecting the air conditioner to your smartphone even if you don't have WiFi or a router. 

3. 4D airflow

The air conditioners that you usually see have a 2-way swing blade. They only move up and down. But the latest models come with a 4D airflow swing , meaning they not only move up and down but also right and left. This ensures quick cooling. It also means the AC blows cold air in multiple directions, thus offering uniform cooling across the room.

The louvers have a relatively wider angle than conventional models. This helps the AC to spread cold air even to the nooks and corners of the room.

4. Humidity control

Summer is when your AC works the hardest. But the arrival of the monsoon means it has to control humidity. Usually, traditional AC models are not good at controlling humidity because they don't have dehumidification or auto humid control features. This feature’s objective is to prevent the room from becoming uncomfortably cold and not consume more energy. 

The dry mode in traditional models can absorb a small percentage of humidity. On the other hand, high-end models have humid auto control that increases or decreases its humidity absorption capacity depending on the room’s moisture.

You can look for an Air conditioning Installation service in Virgina Beach if you are ready to get one. If your AC has these features mentioned above, know that it would last long especially if it gets serviced by an air conditioning repair technician regularly. You may look for a professional ac repairs contractor that has the knowledge and skills needed to service high-tech ac units. It may cost more, but it would be worth every penny you spend.

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