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5 Crowdfunding Real Estate Trends For 2019

A few years ago, real estate development was available for investors to make the investment through private equity in any development company through reits (real estate investment trust). But with the introduction of crowdfunding method in real estate business, now real estate investors can depend on different crowdfunding sites to make investments from the best and well-known investors who want to make investments in the related market.

Best crowdfunding real estate trends for 2019

Following are some the best crowdfunding real estate trends that can be adopted in 2019 for better results:
1. The rise of institutional capital
2. Larger consolidation
3. Accessibility for all
4. Foreign real estate investments are booming
5. Crowdfunding: a better plan for retirement

Larger consolidation
Real estate crowdfunding startup can never grow immediately. This business can be capital intensive because of sourcing of capital and sourcing and vetting of deals. And in the starting duration of the business, you can never find any automated way to find marketplace easily. So, if you are an investor then it would be a better option for you to move towards the largest available platforms for real estate crowdfunding to get a variety of deals.

The rise of institutional capital
When you are going to compare an investor, who have 5o thousand dollars to invest in your new project to an institutional investor that can bring 50 million dollars to your table easily then the institutional investor is surely going to be your first priority. Therefore, for the ones who want to have something better from the idea of crowdfunding real estate in 2019, to move towards the institutional capital should be your first choice.
Crowdfunding: a better plan for retirement

According to a research report, in america, the trend of savings for retirement is increasing with every passing year. Many people especially the young ones are socking away their money to save that for retirement. You can bring potential investors from them out by knowing who is interested in real estate business and by offering them better crowdfunding plans with an improved rate of return.

Accessibility for all
It will be a better option to offer non-accredited investors better plans too to attract them and pursue them to invest in real estate businesses. Although non-accredited investors individually have a lower amount to invest but they can greatly outstrip the accredited investors.

Foreign real estate investments are booming
It is a fact that global dollars are flowing largely in real estate business of the united states. Therefore, international investors are investing in real estate businesses especially in the space of real estate crowdfunding. The belief of economists is that this rate will grow in the coming years.

Crowdfunding real estate investing is an emerging tool being used by most of the businessmen for raising the funds for their businesses. It is the easiest way to access investors for your projects. It can be easy for the businessmen to reach the potential investors through different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter etc. The idea behind this trend is that many people would like to invest in one project by which large sum of money can be raised really quickly. This can open a door for the investors to invest in the businesses according to their wish.

Allison Halliday

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.

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