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Which Are the Best Smart Home Technologies for 2017?

The world of smart home technologies is continually changing and an article in glassonweb.com points out that smart home design features and gadgets are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners who wish to have the convenience of controlling home devices and appliances with smartphones.

However, smart home technologies encompass far more than merely cameras and speakers and as an example, the article points out that smart glass technology allows homeowners to control the amount of heat, light, and glare passing through a glass surface. Smart glass is suitable for skylights, doors and partitions and windows.

With smart glass, homeowners can enjoy privacy on demand without needing to purchase blinds or curtains, increased energy efficiency, and minimal glare. Smart Privacy Glass uses an electric current to change the glass from clear to opaque and vice versa with just a flick of a switch. Users can control this privacy glass with remote controls, wall switches, and timers. Blackout glass as you’d expect allows homeowners to block light completely on demand through the use of overhead or curved glass panels which cannot be used with blinds. Solar smart glass is yet another kind of glass that tends to be widely used on building facades, controlling the amount of glare, light, and heat passing through a window. This glass can counteract UV radiation exposure and solar glare.

Smart appliances include fridges that monitor your groceries, allowing you to order more food, to check calendars or to play music. Dieters may be interested in the HAPIfork, a smart fork capable of monitoring eating habits and which can be linked to your computer. Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected automatic cocktail maker, although once you have chosen your drink you still need to fill the pods before the machine does the rest.

Everyone knows a good night’s sleep is important and smart bedroom appliances are becoming increasingly popular. A Sleep Number bed comes with sensors able to track movement, heart rate, and breathing during sleep with the aim of optimizing your sleep quality.

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