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Foreclosures across America

Foreclosed Properties: How to Buy One and Whether You Should

Buying a home is a major investment. In many circumstances, it’s the largest one that many people will ever make…

4 months ago

Why I Should Consider Short Sale

More than 5.6 million homes were sold in the United States alone in 2020. Many more homes have been sold since then…

9 months ago

White House promised more help to avoid foreclosures

The national moratorium on federally backed mortgage foreclosures is set to expire at the end of the week, and the…

2 years ago

Foreclosure activity rises, prompting fears of more to come

Housing market analysts have raised concerns that we could see a rise in foreclosures once COVID-19 pandemic-related moratoriums end, and…

2 years ago

Foreclosures remain low as moratoriums stay in place

Foreclosure activity in the U.S. remains low due to the continuation of moratoriums ordered by federal and state governments in…

3 years ago

How and When to Buy Foreclosure Property

This article might be premature because across most of the country home sales continue happening rapidly. Still, investors are looking…

3 years ago

Freddie Mac warns of mortgage aid scammers

Scammers are reportedly targeting homeowners with fake offers of financial aid at a time when many are struggling to pay…

3 years ago

Short Sales: What Buyers Need to Know

Buyers looking for a bargain often ask their agents about short sales and foreclosures, hoping to get a property at…

3 years ago