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Pros and Cons of Investing in Real Estate

Gaining sources of passive income is what lots of people are looking for. Without any doubt, purchasing real estate is…

2 weeks ago

Placemaker Real Estate and Inhabit Realty Group Acquire Fairway Apartments

Placemaker Real Estate, a Miami-based real estate investment firm led by Adriel Deller, and Inhabit Realty Group, Chicago-based investment firm…

2 months ago

10 Ways for Beginners NOT to Lose Money on Real Estate Deals

When it comes to real estate investing, do not become emotionally involved in a deal. You want to have a…

2 months ago

How to Invest in Rental Properties Out-of-State

Owning real estate is a worthwhile investment, but what happens when available properties in your area are out of your…

2 months ago

Is It Worth Renting an Apartment Near Campuses?

Renting a fun apartment close to a college or university campus initially sounds exciting. Undoubtedly, many would jump at the…

3 months ago

Investing in Property? You Need a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

If you're planning to invest in property, or you've already gotten started, you may be looking for people who can…

4 months ago

Simple Steps to Becoming a Budgeting Pro

In today’s modern world, the working class is worse off than it has been for half a decade. The cost…

4 months ago

How to Avoid Real Estate Investing Mistakes That Kill Profits

Investors are constantly flooded with advice about how to invest in real estate. The vast amount of that advice is…

4 months ago