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Community Celebrates Opening of Award-Winning Housing Development

Carlisle Development Group and the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Lauderdale recently celebrated the grand opening of Northwest Gardens, an award-winning affordable housing development.


Carlisle Development Group

The first phase of Northwest Gardens was officially opened last Friday, and the event brought together strategic partners, elected officials and local residents to celebrate the new 143 unit community designed project which is specifically for elderly individuals and families making between 28% and 60% of the average median income. Northwest Gardens is putting the City on the map as the $23 million project has already been named this year's "Most Outstanding LEED Multi Family Project" by the South Florida Chapter of the United States Green Building Council. It is the first Gold certified LEED for Homes multi-family community in Florida.

Carlisle CEO, Matthew Greer says "We are building on five years of success with the HACFL, beginning with the redevelopment of the Dixie Court neighborhood. We hope Northwest Gardens will serve as a model for neighborhood revitalization and community focused affordable housing in other South Florida communities and across the country."

Northwest Gardens is located in one of the most impoverished neighbourhoods in the nation, and is setting new standards for affordable housing. The community provides quality designed homes, state-of-the-art green building technologies, ample landscaping and streetscape enhancements as well as providing residents with a variety of tools aimed at helping them to achieve self-sufficiency.

Local job creation has been very much at the forefront of this project, and the Housing Authority and the HUD put forth the original goals that 15% of the total contract amount would be awarded to subcontractors who are minority and women and owned businesses, that 15% of hires would be Section 3 workers, and that 30% of all new hires would be from the local neighbourhood. These goals were exceeded, as in phase 1 the development team allotted 44% of the total contract to minority and women owned businesses, 20% to Section 3 workers and 100% of new hires to the local neighborhood, creating around 400 jobs.

Tam English, HACFL Executive Director said "Phase 1 is the first of four phases of a larger master plan for this community, and we hope it continues to fuel economic growth in the area. In addition to shelter, we made occupation a major focus of the redevelopment, along with food, education, health and wellness."

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