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Key Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Fire safety should be a priority for every homeowner. Based on one source, around 486,500 cases of fire happen yearly,…

3 days ago

Is Selling Your Home if You Owe More Than it's Worth Worth It?

Many people purchase homes with the intent to build equity, though life happens and homeowners end up underwater, whether it…

2 months ago

How to Finance Your Roof Top Solar Panels

There’s a reason why 2.5 million homeowners — and counting — have already installed solar on their homes: it’s a…

3 months ago

Advanced and Early Autumn Maintenance for Older Homes

Many people will soon welcome relief from the hottest days of summer and are starting to look forward to the…

7 months ago

Pending home sales fall again as NAR says we may be at rock bottom

Pending home sales, which is a gauge of signed contracts to buy existing homes, dropped by 1% from June to…

7 months ago

A How-to Guide for Moving to a New Home with Pets

Moving to a New Home with Pets When moving day arrives, no one wants to leave behind their favorite family…

9 months ago

How Can Real Estate Agents Save Your Money?

Real estate agents, like lawyers, get a lot of bad press. We assume that they are there to siphon off…

9 months ago

8 Home Improvement Projects That Add Instant Value To Your Home

Nowadays, it seems like everybody is looking for ways to make their homes more unique and beautiful. But sometimes, it's…

11 months ago