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Everyone You Need to Notify Prior to Moving

Moving from your current home to a new one can be tricky, especially if you fail to inform the right people that you are already moving. Having a busy schedule tends to be the main culprit as to why some people forget to notify the people about their transfer. Let’s take a look at the people, as well as the institutions that you need to get in touch with before moving to your new home.

Your family and friends

First, you need to inform the people that are closest to you, which are your relatives and close friends. Tell them of your plans way ahead of the moving date. This will allow you to ask for their help, especially if you have tons of stuff to transfer. Moreover, this will give you ample time to say your goodbyes and spend more quality time with them before moving to a new location.

Your employer

You also need to inform your current boss if you are relocating. This applies if you are moving to a different company. Letting your employers know of your move early lets them prepare accordingly.

This will give them enough time to find a replacement for the position you are vacating. This will also save you and the company the hassle of rushing certain tasks and paperwork that need to be completed before you leave.

Your landlord

In case you are renting, you need to inform your landlord early as well. Generally, you should tell the landlord of your plans 30 days in advance, at the very least. You also need to revisit and review your tenant rights, as well as the responsibilities that are stipulated in your lease agreement or contract.

The postal services

Since you will be changing addresses, you need to inform the United States Postal Service about it. Failing to do so may translate in a myriad of inconveniences.


You also need to notify the providers of your basic utilities. These are the water and electricity providers, at the very least. If you fail to notify them ahead of time, you may risk missing payments once you move into your new home.


You should also inform the Department of Motor Vehicles if your new address. Ask for all the necessary requirements and information that you need, as well as the paperwork involved.


Download the Change of Address form of the Internal Revenue Service and mail it to the IRS office. This is crucial in relation to your fiscal notes, tax return, and other valuable documents that they will be emailing you. If you are in the market for home in Greenwich CT or other Greenwich real estate, contact a trusted real estate agent today.

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Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.

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