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Five Awesome Online Tools To Help Realtors Sell

Technology is a significant part of a real estate professional's life. For real estate agents and brokers, most of their time is exhausted trying to find new clients.

In fact, for most real estate agents, getting new leads takes up most of their time and money.

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This, however, is much different that the top producer REALTORS that lead the industry. For these people, their time is spent selling. This raises the question: What are the top-producing real estate agents doing that is so appreciably different from their competitors?

Real estate -- as an investment purpose -- requires a respectable understanding of the risks associated with purchasing choices. There are several tools at hand to facilitate guide the decision, but few are as useful as a set of high quality real estate investment software.

These online tools will save you time and money by providing all the information and resources you'll need to make informed decisions and enriching before buying or selling property investment.


Invoicera has been doing a brilliant job helping real estate agents confronting doubts and solving many of their complex electronic invoicing issues.

Invoicera has made it incredibly easy to track time, create and send invoices with your logo and to accept payments online -- it's no wonder that they are the service of choice for millions. Having a solid support and back-end monitoring of the timely completion of all activities related to business is something very significant.


SketchUp Pro is a simple, remarkably powerful tool for generating, presenting and transforming 3D models.

You can model your properties in SketchUp and give your clients a 3D outlook. Boost your website listing by using the animation competence of SketchUp Pro. It permits customers to freely search the home, community and its surroundings in 3D.


Propertyware gives a full suite of on-demand real estate solutions for property managers, and helps real estate agents get up-and-running in minutes and fruitfully supervise their rental properties.

Propertyware's multi-tenant, real-time, web-based solutions help companies generate leads from a hosted web site, syndicate listings transversely the web, process e-payments, handle work orders and service customers using online portals.

Tools For Real Estate

With this web-based tool, you can get a proficiently written, customizable email newsletter about real estate that's required to be sent to your contacts each month.

Tools For Real Estate offers easy-to-use, client-generating tools for real estate agents. This app also gives out a lot of free suggestions and resources, both on their website and blog.

Karl's Mortgage Calculator

Nothing works better than a visual aid when trying to help potential buyers understand the value of a house and the cost of a mortgage.

Karl's Calculator helps you to fulfill your role as an adviser when buyers are considering a purchase. It offers a sophisticated analysis of loans and investments to help buyers to have confidence in their purchases. You can try different interest rates, profits or additional payments to the principle of "what if" scenarios.

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