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Give Your Home the Wow Factor With These Unique Ideas

These days, it’s expensive to remodel and not everyone can afford it. There are other sneaky ways to make an area of your home pop. If you’re looking for that special feature that makes people say "wow," all you need is some creativity and a small budget. In fact, you can use the suggestions in this post to do something in each room of the house. 

If you’re working with a tight budget, just choose the room that is seen by your guests the most. We’ll list some permanent structural additions to the home that can really get people talking. After that, we will tell you about the least expensive small features that can be found cheaply online; they are unusual and portable. When you are tired of where they are or you have to move, they’re small enough to cart around.   

Below are suggestions for homes that are being built or that can have the features renovated into the home. 

1. Doors

There are some amazing doors that you can find for your home. You should especially pay attention to finding the perfect entry door for your home. It is the first place that people see as they come to visit. When your guests come inside, they will see the trendy barn doors with barn door handles by Rustica. These alone will give your home that certain something. 

2. Alcoves

Alcoves are a depression in the wall with shelving that you can adorn with anything that fits. You can use colored glass bottles or rare and interesting books. If you’re building your home, you can have one or more built into key spaces in your home. You can also add one during a renovation. It’s plaster and drywall; a plaster master melbourne can give you an amazing alcove. 

3. Picture and Bay Windows 

We see these windows in Victorian-age style architecture. These windows are popular in Europe. They aren’t that common in the US. Bring them back and style them your own way. Bay windows create a ledge on the inside of the home as the glass protrudes outward. You can frost the glass or keep it clear so you can place interesting things inside it. Those who walk by can view what you’ve done with it. 

4. Roman Tub

A Roman tub is a deep tub that you climb into via steps. It has a deck-like appearance.  Not everyone has one.  We can find them in large homes. Today, they have kits that allow anyone to build one.  In fact, you can get a tub and shower kit and design your perfect bath or shower.  

Below are the houseware accessories that are cost-effective and portable.

Small, Inexpensive Home Items With Wow Factor

1. Chandeliers

No, they aren’t out of date at all. They are rare and typically replaced with light fixtures now. Scarcity always creates a mystery. Hang a chandelier, like a mock Tiffany, in any room of the house that has a vintage feel. There is also lighting that’s trending. One of these ideas is the chandelier that turns your room into a forest. It has shapes of trees that are very realistic. When you turn it on, you are transported into a forest as the shadows that are cast on the wall are towering trees. 

2.  Quirky Tables

Look in a thrift store or a retro furniture shop and you’ll find some of the quirkiest tables ever. Online, you’ll find even more of a choice of tables.  The most popular are the types that have a bottom shaped like something and a glass or wooden top.  The shapes can be trees, dolphins, mermaids, etc. These pieces will fit any budget depending on the type and size you choose.

3. Water Features

A water feature sounds expensive but doesn’t have to be. They can be any size from table-top size to several feet around. They run anywhere from $10 to thousands, so make your choice. What makes a water feature a wow factor is that it’s on the inside of the house in an unusual space. Maybe the middle of a home that’s open-plan. 

These are only a few examples of what you can do to your home on any budget. Let your imagination soar. Figure out what your budget is and go for it. Transform any home into your own unique space with a special feature.

Jamie Richardson

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.

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