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Haute Design Welcomes Henry S. Deas To Its Exclusive Haute Design Network

Haute Design Network by Haute Residence welcomes Henry S. Deas to its invitation-only interior design network. As a Haute Design partner, Henry S. Deas exclusively represents the Interior Design market of Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Henry S. Deas
Henry started his interior design firm based on his love and passion for design. After many years of receiving compliments of his own interior from both friends and family, Henry decided to start a firm to share the feeling interiors can bring to spaces and homes. Henry’s background is in Computer Science, which he utilizes a variety of concepts learned and implements them into successful projects and beautiful designs for his clients.

Being creative while infusing a bit of uniqueness is what our design firm is all about. We believe interiors should capture the essence of art and personality while challenging industry standards and enhancing the personality of each client.

Visit Henry S. Deas - https://www.houseofdeasign.com/

About Haute Design:
Designed as a partnership-driven luxury design portal featuring two leading interior designers in each prominent market across the world, Haute Residence focuses on growing its member’s brands as key influencers on design and deemed to be the best in their specific market.

Offering clients a unique convenience, the Haute Design Network provides home buyers the opportunity to find their dream havens with the help of some of the world’s leading interior designers. Beyond that, HauteResidence.com—which has garnered a phenomenal following since its successful launch three years ago—showcases the world’s most extraordinary residences and developments on the market, design features, trends in the market and expert advice from our interior design partners.

About Haute Residence:
Haute Residence is a luxe digital platform for real estate and interior design connoisseurs. As a leading real estate, design and architectural platform, Haute Residence connects affluent readers with the most powerful and renowned agents, developers and designers. The elite, expert-curated platform offers the latest in real estate and design news, showcasing the world’s most extraordinary residences and projects on the market.

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