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How to Buy Kitchen Cabinets for your Home

With kitchen remodeling being one of the most popular rooms to remodel in the home, and one that can actually increase the value of your property, it's fair to say that the kitchen industry continues to flourish. New kitchen cabinets can transform a drab kitchen turning it into a fab space which is the heart of the home.

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However, it pays to get smart about your choice of cabinets, so here's 6 basic things you should know:

Opt for a certified brand

Look for products which carry a certification from the Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers Association. This means that the products have undergone vigorous tests which replicate the sort of things that an average kitchen comes up against. This means kitchen cabinets which can survive temperatures ranging from minus 5 to 120 degrees F and contact with liquids such as lemon juice, vinegar, tomato ketchup, coffee and fruit juices, without blistering or showing signs of dis-coloration.

Speak the lingo

The most common types of cabinets are stock and semi custom. Stock is king because of its lower price, availability, accessory options and quick delivery. Semi custom offers a large range of sizes, styles and finishes. Custom cabinets are at the high end of the market and can take up to 12 weeks to make.

Personalized storage

When you buy kitchen cabinets look out for those user friendly options which will make your life easier. Things such as roll out shelves which extend fully allowing you to reach items at the back quite easily; large base drawers which will hold even the heaviest and largest of your pans or even a trash bin and keep it out of view; built in storage such as wine rack and china displays look good even when they're empty.

Choose the right look

White kitchen cabinets always make a kitchen look brighter and larger, no matter what its size. Darker woods like mahogany or cherry create a warmer, dramatic look and many manufacturers are turning the leg pieces so as to look like furniture.

Who left the lights on

Today's kitchen rely heavily on effective lighting to create the right ambience in a kitchen. Think halogen lamps below the upper cabinets to give light on the counter tops where it is needed most, or a large chandelier over the dining area, to make a statement and send delightful colorful rays of light around the kitchen when the sun shines.

Think within the box

The most important part of your kitchen cabinet is the construction of the box, with the stronger being the better. Look for solid wood box construction or plywood with mortise joints and wood or metal corner braces for added stability. Quality kitchen cabinets should have soft closure and hidden hinges as well as dove tail drawers.

Look on line, compare prices, visit stores, but above all do your homework and take your time before settling on your choice of kitchen cabinets.

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