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How to Know If Your HVAC System Is Due for an Upgrade

While many things improve with age, heating and cooling systems are a major exception. Most air conditioners are built to last 15 to 20 years, and the older the system is, the more issues it is likely to have. This can result in costly upkeep, especially for machines that frequently break down. This can present number of issues for realtors, home sellers, and potential buyers hoping for a property with a modernized, fully-functional ac installation.

How Do HVAC Units Affect the Value of a Property?

For those planning to sell their home, a brand-new heating and AC unit can boost the value of their property by up to 10%. In some cases, owners may think that purchasing an air conditioner filter replacement will resolve the issue. However, if the system installed is over decade old, it may be time to consider a replacement, as poor air conditioning could have a negative impact on the sale. You can also see here a good HVAC services that provides cooling and heating maintenance, heating services, ac repair, heating equipment replacement, or heat pump repair!

How to Tell If an HVAC System Needs Updating 

According to experts at Arnett Heat & Air services, there are several ways to identify whether your air conditioning unit requires an upgrade:

  • Spending excessive money on repairs is a sure sign your HVAC system needs a replacement. At most, a functioning system should only need repairing twice a year.
  • Loud, unexpected noises are never a good sign in any type of machinery. With an AC system, this could relate to something trapped in the fans, or a more serious issue to do with the cooling fluid. Listen out for the following:
  • Noise before the AC starts 
  • An outdoor unit being noisier than normal
  • A loud blower
  • A banging and creaking noise coming from the furnace
  • Costly heating and cooling bills are another indicator of a malfunctioning AC. It may be that a repair is needed, but if breakdowns are a regular occurrence, it may be time to replace your system.
  • If maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is difficult (or if you are experiencing uneven temperatures throughout your home), it may be that your current system is too large for your property. This can also lead to excess wear and tear, which can lead to expensive, regular repairs. 
  • Being unable to switch your HVAC system off could mean a faulty compressor, reduced capacity, or it could be congested with dirt and dust. However, if your AC system is constantly on, it could mean higher energy bills.
  • A slow-running system that takes a long time to reach the desired temperature suggests that your system is not running at optimal efficiency. 

If you are experiencing issues like this with a new filter, you can contact an air conditioning repair El Paso contractor who will be able to help you with the issue. However, if yours is older the contractor may not be able to help, and it might be easier to replace the system altogether.

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