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Is Fixing Up a House Worth It? This Is What Adds Value to a Home

Whether you are a new homeowner or a long time homeowner, taking care of your home is probably a top priority because more than likely it is one of your biggest investments. If you are looking to either build equity or get the most money when you sell your home, you might be wondering "is fixing up a house worth it?"

We are going to go over the top home improvements you can make to increase the value of your home. 

Curb Appeal

The first thing potential buyers will see as they walk towards your home is the outside. This is why first impressions make all the difference. Making the outside appealing will make a buyer want to walk through the front door to see more. 

A landscape that is well maintained will let buyers know that the home is well-maintained. If you are on a budget you can opt for colorful plants and shrubs to make your front yard look alive. Stick to plants that are native to your region because they will require less maintenance and less water. 

Redo the Roof

Investing money into a new roof will recover 105% of the money you put in when you sell your home. New owners are making a big purchase and they would much rather know they are buying a home that they won't have to worry about the roof in the near future.

Calling in a reputable roofing services company like Point Roofing to give you an estimate on a new roof and to also give you an idea of how much life your current roof has left. 

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is an area that will always increase the home value and will sway a potential buyer into buying. If you are on a tighter budget you can swap out all of the fixtures such as drawer knobs, faucets, and pulls to give the kitchen a more modern look if your current fixtures are outdated. 

If you have money to spare you can swap out the cabinets and countertops for something that is more in style. You can also change out the appliances to stainless steel if your current appliances are older. 


If your bathroom is outdated and in need of a paint job, this is a great room to update that won't break the bank. People like to feel like they are in a spa when they enter their bathroom and you can really help give this relaxed feeling with a few upgrades. 

Replace the vanity, toilet, and fixtures for a total bathroom makeover. You might even want to invest in a new tile floor if the current one looks worn or older. 

Is Fixing Up a House Worth It?

Now that we went over the top home improvements to increase home value, we hope you can answer "yes" to the question "is fixing up a house worth it?" Now you can make an informed decision on which improvements fit your budget and will make sense for you to invest in. 

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Jamie Richardson

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