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Luxury LA homes Increasingly Being Sold Fully Furnished

It's increasingly becoming a trend for ultra-luxurious real estate in Los Angeles to be sold fully furnished and ready to move into. This used to only be the case for corporate housing or vacation rentals.

Nowadays upmarket buyers are interested in purchasing the whole package, right down to fully stocked liquor cabinets and even bed linen. According to the article in the Los Angeles Times, a typical example would be a pair of West Hollywood condominiums sold by Elton John last year and which came fully furnished. One of the condominiums is back on the market, still with Elton John's furnishings. It seems as though certain real estate buyers find these homes enticing due to the opportunity to own a celebrity's belongings while others are simply too short of time to furnish their own property, especially if they are currently located quite a distance away. Some buyers share similar tastes to the current owner and are happy to purchase the whole package.

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This trend isn't just confined to Los Angeles as it is increasingly being seen throughout the rest of the country. Homes that come fully furnished have appliances that are in keeping with the high-end price tag. Quite often every little detail will be accounted for, right down to exotic house plants and even rechargeable toothbrushes. It might sound as if all the advantages are for the buyer, but some sellers welcome the chance to leave behind furnishings that are best suited to that particular home so they can start afresh on their next property.

It's already quite common for lease properties at the luxury end of the market to include furnishings, and some thoughtful celebrities also include numerous extras such as a pantry stocked with coffee, teas, sparking water and even balsamic vinegar. They also include linens and soaps, along with cleaning materials and even laundry soap. These types of properties are not really vacation homes but are perfect for anyone looking to seamlessly move from one place to another, perhaps while their own property is being built or while they're in town for a particular job.

However there is a downside to these fully furnished homes, as even though adding artwork and other furnishings can increase the price of the seller it can lead to complicated negotiations. Often a buyer will be unsure of exactly how much these things are worth, and sometimes the seller can replace unrealistic price tags on their value. Sometimes this can even lead to a sale falling through.

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Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.

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