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What is Home Buyers’ Marketing? : A Guide for Real Estate Agents

Whether you’ve just gotten into the real estate business or you’ve been an agent for years, you should know employing…

2 weeks ago

A Look at San Diego's Fizzling Real Estate Market

The San Diego real estate market is being hit with a triple whammy. A real recession, on top of an…

1 month ago

A San Antonio Roundup of Four "Go To" Real Estate Professional

A special RealtyBiz agent roundup focused on San Antonio, Texas, region. With interest rates on the rise, and the economy…

1 month ago

Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Professional

If you are a first-time homebuyer or seller, employing the services of a real estate professional could be one of…

4 months ago

This Week: Buffalo’s Best Real Estate Pro(s)

A roundup of some of the highest-rated real estate professionals in Buffalo, New York.

5 months ago

Signs of real estate slowdown could provide relief to frustrated buyers

Economists say that recent signs of a slowdown in the housing market could result in long-awaited openings for new buyers…

6 months ago

Amid bidding war, one buyer offered $50K for the other to walk away

With so few homes available to buy on the market, some buyers are going to new extremes, resorting even to…

9 months ago

5 ways AI can help home buyers find the perfect home

From self-driving cars to advanced medical diagnosis, artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed our lives. Even in the entertainment industry, we…

9 months ago