Maptitude — Powerful Software For Realtors To Enhance Landscape Knowledge

Are you looking for the ways to enhance your real estate maps and location-based knowledge? Then, you have come to the right place! In this article, I’ll discuss a software called ‘Maptitude’. It’s a mapping software for real estate, which sanctions property professionals with the basic geographic and mapping analysis tools for commercial or residential real estate.

What Is Maptitude?
It’s actually a mapping software developed by Caliper Co. that enables realtors to view, edit and add maps. The technology is designed to smooth the progress of geographical visualization along with analyzing either custom data or included data.
As a matter of fact, Maptitude is designed for realtors and business users, however, it also strives at almost all levels of the GIS market in a lot of different sectors.

How Maptitude Helps With Residential Properties?
Maptitude helps real estate agents to visualize and assess locations for enviable qualities. It also helps you to respond to your customer queries regarding residential property and its neighborhood. You just need to type an address and you’re automatically directed to the exact site on a map where you can find answers to your client questions like; Is the location next to major roads? Is there any school nearby? Is there any park or other amenity close by? What’s the price range in that particular vicinity? Get the possible answers to your questions with the help of the map developed by Maptitude.

Maptitude is packed with demographic data, which is helpful in further enhancement of your property maps and locations-based knowledge. You can promptly spot areas with teenagers, more retirees, young children, high income, and more owned houses. Moreover, you can also include data on your own behalf, such as crime statistics, home sales or school performances to deliver additional information to residential clients.

Maptitude also provides an option of adding your listing directly to a map with the intention that the clients can easily find out the locations on sale in any particular locality and consider the pros and cons of each site. It also offers you an opportunity to put together all related information to locations on a map. You can manage your listings efficiently by linking them to documents, pictures, slideshows and internet sites. Once done, your client just needs to click the location on the map to visualize the extra details related to the particular property. In addition, Maptitude allows map backgrounds to switch to show terrain or aerial images, adding relatable and realistic components to your presentations.

How Maptitude Helps With Commercial Properties?
When it comes to the commercial real estate, Maptitude believes to be a realistic and powerful tool as it allows you to measure differences in locations. Maptitude’s demographic data includes identifying potential markets, analyzing competitor locations, and comparison of sites both demographically and geographically. It also includes structuring footprints for a number of landmarks and urban locations ranging from communal facilities to commercial buildings such as restaurants, shops and retail outlets enabling you to get a complete knowledge of site amenities.

If, in case, you’re looking a suitable location for your business, you can easily evaluate sites on the basis of their convenience to your employees and customers. For-instance, you have the employees and customers’ database; you can utilize these records on Maptitude to find out the best possible central location. You can also keep ‘seniority’ as a potential factor, which enables you to explore sites while keeping in mind the staff characteristics. Maptitude also allows you to create distance rings or drive-time to evaluate the fastest and shortest travel zones around the new site.

Maptitude tools also help appraisers to track property prices, mortgage lenders/banks can make sure regulatory compliance, the underwriting analysis performed by insurance companies, title companies can track parcel ownership, public evaluators can transmit information in a simple and efficient manner and multiple listing services that offer clients with web-based access to mapping services, property maps and realtor information.

Maptitude is, no doubt an affordable solution that uses maps and geography as reliable tools for analyzing location and conveying information for your company gain.

Jamie Richardson

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