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Modern Apartment Hunting - Easier Than The George Costanza Way

Poor George Costanza - bidding against an Andrea Doria survivor for an apartment - no need to ask who won!

Although not purchasing real estate, at least in the present, renters play an important part in the real estate industry, and they have, arguably, a difficult time - especially in crowded urban areas, finding the right place and/or the right roommate. Just ask George!

Rather than scan Craigslist for an apartment (many of which are probably already rented out), tenants now have another option; PadMatcher.  A new apartment locating website, PadMatcher is a bit different than other websites. Dubbed by some as the “Match.com for real estate”, PadMatcher “hooks up” wannabe renters with property managers/owners, based on criteria selected by the apartment hunter.

To begin searching, a renter will create a free profile, entering information that allows the system to help you find the right apartment (and roommate if needed) based on your interests, your tastes and your values. Future updates to this website will allow you to verify your credit score on your profile which can be visible to potential roommates and of course landlords or property managers.

Criteria that is used to select a roommate include topics such as:

  • Cleanliness
  • Income
  • Job type
  • Sports interests
  • Pets

Once a potential match is found you can converse via anonymous messaging until you’re ready for more personal communication at which point you can “link together and search as a group or groups”, with no obligation to commit.

Criteria used to select an apartment is similar - you note the particular features of an apartment that you’re looking for and the system will narrow down your options, filtering out anything that doesn’t fit your choice of what makes an apartment great!

The system makes every effort to ensure that the apartments listed on their site are legitimate and available. Once you find properties you’re interested in looking at, you’ll be given the contact information of the landlord to set up an appointment to tour the apartment.

I'm sure you’ve heard that old adage (paraphrasing here) if “you find a need and fulfill it you’ll prosper”. I believe that PadMatcher has certainly found a need, and has emulated a successful model (Match.com), in answer to that need - a real formula for success.


Involved in real estate for more than 15 years, Anita Cooper is a freelance writer specializing in writing for the real estate industry. Her articles have appeared in the trade magazine “Real Estate Wealth”, as well as a variety of online venues. Cooper owns and operates a writing business geared towards assisting small business owners craft their own, unique message.

Anita Cooper

Anita Cooper is a copy and content writer with a vendetta against bad copy. She helps real estate tech companies grow their pipeline by providing lead gen copy and content. Have world real estate news to share? If you do and would like to interview, feel free to contact Anita at anita@realtybiznews.com.

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