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Why Is a WDI Report Necessary?

The Wood Destroying Insects (WDI) report, which may also be referred to as the NPMA-33, is commonly ordered during a real estate transaction. This report reveals the findings of a termite inspection by a licensed pest control services company.

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In some cases, the report may be required by a mortgage company or real estate lender. In other cases, it may be ordered optionally by the real estate buyer or seller during a transaction. It should be noted that the report can be ordered by a property owner at any time. While it is commonly ordered during a real estate transaction, it can also be ordered by the property owner to identify if there is a termite infestation on the property.

The Inspection Process

A termite inspection is performed by a licensed pest company, and it includes a visual inspection of the property. Most often, the inspection is performed by a well-trained and licensed pest expert. A pest control company will examine easily accessible areas of the structure or structures identified in the report for signs of infestation from carpenter ants, carpenter bees, termites, and re-infesting wood boring beetles. The inspection process includes an examination of the property for signs of live or dead insects, signs that the insects have been present on the property through tubes and other remnants, and signs of damage caused by these insects on the property. In addition to visually inspecting the property, some of the top pest companies will utilize advanced detection methods such as fiber optic or infrared detection methods.

What the WDI Report Tells You

The WDI report reveals if the areas inspected showed signs of previous or active infestation by wood destroying insects. It may also reveal if favorable conditions for infestation were noted even if no active or previous infestation was found. It is important to note that the WDI report will not state that the property is free of termites and other wood destroying pests. These pests can hide deep inside a property and may not show any visible evidence. Further, they may infest a property quickly, and this includes infesting it just days after the inspection was completed. With more advanced detection methods, you can find comfort in knowing the property was more thoroughly inspected. Further, prevention measures can be taken to prevent an infestation.

Who to Order Your Report From

There are several different sources you can turn to when ordering a termite inspection. Keep in mind that a company does not have to be a licensed pest control company in order to complete the WDI report. In fact, a home inspector can provide you with this completed form based on his inspection of the property. A home inspector, however, may have no special training in termite detection. Further, he could not provide adequate termite treatment suggestions if termites are revealed. It is ideal to obtain an inspection report from a licensed, experienced pest expert who utilizes advanced detection methods. However, some companies will charge an additional fee for fiber optic or infrared detection services.

Termites, bees and other wood destroying insects can cause significant damage to a property in a short period of time. With this in mind, if infestation is noted in the WDI report, termite treatment and bee removal should begin quickly. This can minimize the damage caused by these insects.

Rose McMillan is an experienced pest control professional who has worked in the industry for several years, with reputable companies such as Terminix. Now, she pursues a career in freelance writing and enjoying the outdoors.

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