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Real Estate Agents Say Social Media is 2nd Most Effective Way to Get Clients

Real estate agents are increasingly embracing the use of social media as a way to get new clients, and data shows their strategy is working.

Results from a survey about what worked for agents in 2020 shows that posting on social media is now the second-most effective way to get new clients.

Of those surveyed, 44% said they got a new client from social media last year. The most popular way to get new clients was direct referrals, which helped 83% of agents get a new client in 2020.

How did agents get new clients in 2020?

  • Referrals - 83%
  • Posting on social media - 44%
  • Online advertising - 33%
  • Buying leads - 26%
  • Print advertising - 18%
  • Cold calling - 16%

It’s possible agents are taking note of others’ success with social media, as it’s by far their highest priority for 2021.

While 44% of agents got a new client from social media last year, 82% of agents say they plan to grow their business this year by improving their social media presence.

What will agents focus on in 2021 to grow their business?

  • Improve social media presence - 82%
  • Improve CRM & email campaigns - 66.5%
  • Branding efforts - 56%
  • SEO/Website optimization - 45%
  • Direct mail - 43%

Source: The Close

Social Media For Real Estate Agents: Generating Leads

With so many agents focusing on social media this year it’s a good time to go over how to generate leads on this channel & linkedin automation tools shows the best way for establishing good social approach.

There are two ways to generate leads through social media.

Social media can either be used as a tool to build relationships organically over time. Or it can be used as a way to generate quick leads through hyper-targeted advertising.

Agents just starting out on social media can use ads as a way to build an initial following. Ads can be used to promote a real estate page and get people to follow it, and they can also be used to boost content published by a real estate page.

To give you an idea of what your advertising dollars get you on Facebook these days, there’s a recent case study of a real estate brokerage generating over 30,000 views on a video ad from local users with a $350 ad spend.

What makes Facebook ads effective for real estate agents is the ability to tap into Facebook’s database and target advertising to a local audience.

After the first connection is made and users click the “follow” button, there are right and wrong ways to go about nurturing the relationships. And it doesn’t all cost money.

One of the best ways to nurture leads on Facebook is through Groups, which are free for anyone to create. Agents in the process of building a presence on social media can always join existing groups to get to know their local community.

Agents with large followings may find more success with creating their own group, as they can guide the topic of conversation toward their real estate listings. When joining others’ groups it’s important to be mindful of their rules, as many will not allow agents to go in and start promoting listings.

Facebook Groups play an important role in people’s lives, according to the findings of a study involving 15,000 people across 15 countries. Overall, 77% of respondents say the most important group they’re part of is now online.

Social media is a long game. There’s no point in using it strictly to push sales, because people will buy a home when they’re ready.

As an agent, the idea behind using social media is to keep yourself top of mind when clients are ready to buy or sell. You can give your social media audience value and drive awareness of your brand with consistent postings.

Some ideas for real estate social media posts include:

  • Tips related to buying and selling homes
  • Highlighting noteworthy people businesses, or events in your local community
  • Giveaways or contests to build your following and drive awareness
  • Stories and testimonials from previous clients
  • Images and videos of new properties on the market

Consistency is key when it comes to excelling at social media. Remember that it can take dozens of touch points to close a deal through traditional marketing. Amplify that by a few touch points when it comes to online marketing.

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