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Research Shows Big Increase in Smart Device Adoption

Recent research from PlumChoice and Z-Wave Alliance shows that last year consumers began to see more clearly how smart device adoption could benefit them. Increasing numbers are intending to purchase smart home devices in the future or have already done so.

This is the second consumer benchmark survey released by PlumChoice and Z-Wave Alliance and it also highlights the need for companies to provide consumers with smart home devices that will fit easily into their lives. The survey helps device makers understand current smart device adoption and potential interest in future purchases as well as the perceived benefits of having smart home devices. It also shows services that brands can potentially tie in with these products, helping to increase consumer loyalty and revenue.

The survey found that 52% plan to buy a smart device within the next two years. Out of those who already have smart home devices, 84% intend to make another purchase in the next two years. Most consumers reported owning between four and six smart home devices while 61% have already interconnected these devices. One key factor in smart home device adoption is interoperability as consumers add more connected devices. Smart home products with the highest year-on-year growth were smart appliances such as refrigerators and washer dryers, and smart smoke detectors at 267% and 250% respectively. Some 68% of respondents cited installation support as being a top need.

The survey also looked at smart device adoption rates compared with homeowners and renters, as well as differences between ages and genders. Last year the number of people owning a smart home device increased by 259% and numbers are continuing to increase as consumers see more value in interconnecting multiple devices in their home. As this survey shows, brands will need to cater to people who expect installation support and other support services as a part of their purchase.

Allison Halliday

Allison Halliday is a Realty Biz News contributing writer. She handles International Real Estate and is a seasoned blogger.

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