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Siemens turns to BASELAYER to improve data center efficiency

Siemens today announced a strategic partnership with BASELAYER Technology, LLC, the U.S-based manufacturer of software-defined modular data centers and infrastructure management software.

Siemens said in a statement it plans to integrate its intelligent data center technologies, including power distribution, control and metering, and fire safety into BASELAYER’s modular data center’s portable and customizable solution that can be located anywhere data capacity is needed. With Siemens’ technology and BASELAYER’s modular data center platform, operators will have greater insight into a data center’s power flow, resulting in greater energy efficiency and operational flexibility.

“By entering into this partnership with BASELAYER, Siemens is better positioned to bring our intelligent data center technologies to the modular data center space and deliver added value to consumers of Web-scale and High Performance Computing (HPC) applications, while also bringing innovative products into data-intensive verticals like telecom and healthcare,” said John Kovach, Siemens Global Head of Data Center Solutions. “Working with innovative partners such as BASELAYER allows us to collectively deliver advanced technology in an incredibly reliable, efficient, and cost-effective manner.”

The partnership will enhance BASELAYER’ s ability to deploy its technology across the globe, with an immediate benefit coming to data center deployments connected directly to the utility grid. By using Siemens intelligent busway technology, BASELAYER is also able to reduce the footprint within the module and allow for more space for IT equipment. Additionally, the busway offers a high degree of flexibility to provide localized power distribution, which allows BASELAYER’s control systems to optimize airflow down to the component level. The technology will help improve BASELAYER’s existing benchmark of 19 percent energy reduction and $200,000 per megawatt of operational savings.

“Both companies share a common vision to connect the critical infrastructure layer with the IT stack,” said William D. Slessman, CEO of BASELAYER. “This alignment across every level of the data center will offer data center consumers greater transparency, leading to better decision-making capabilities. We look forward to this new chapter in our relationship with Siemens.”

As a leading global technology company, Siemens offers power distribution, automation, security, fire safety, renewables, and energy efficiency solutions for critical data centers around the world. BASELAYER’s products include software-defined modular data centers, along with infrastructure management software and big data analytics.

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