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climate change

Report warns mortgage industry is unprepared for climate change

A report has raised concerns that stakeholders in the U.S. mortgage market, including lenders, investors and insurers, are woefully unprepared…

2 years ago

Californian cities are banning natural gas in new homes

The humble gas stove is coming under attack from an increasing number of cities concerned about climate change. They say…

3 years ago

Climate change could make elevation big factor in real estate prices

Homes located on higher elevations in areas at risk from hurricanes are seeing their values grow faster than homes closer…

5 years ago

Scientists Issue Warning over Kiwi Coastal Property

Scientists at the New Zealand Coastal Society conference have drawn attention to the need for coastal homeowners to take greater…

12 years ago

SolarCity and Citi Team Up to Fund Home Solar

SolarCity, America’s number one solar service provider, teams up with Citi, “America’s Greenest Bank”, in establishing a fund of $40…

12 years ago