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Three Levels of Commercial Real Estate Investing

A successful real estate investor graduates through at least three levels during his or her career. Level 1 is the…

6 years ago

Going Commercially Green is Moneywise

Its old school thinking that it costs money to go green with your commercial real estate holdings. The world is…

6 years ago

Medium Multi-Units Are Better for Private Investors

While many real estate professionals with an opinion say that apartment complexes with more than 150 units are the best…

7 years ago

Commercial Property Appraisals Are Complicated

Appraisals of commercial real estate are much more complicated than for residential real estate. One of the first things you…

8 years ago

Why Medium Apartment Buildings Are Better For Investors

While almost every real estate professional with an opinion says that apartment complexes with over 150 units are the way…

10 years ago

Medical Office Space for Commercial Investors

Most serious commercial property investors are well aware that multifamily apartment buildings are leading the commercial sector recovery, but with…

10 years ago