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Are Credit Score Requirements Too Strict?

Executives at FICO, the creator of a credit score widely used in the mortgage industry, say that the high credit…

9 years ago

Mortgages Could Be 'Easier To Get' in 2014

It looks as if some borrowers may find it far easier to obtain mortgage credit this year than they would…

9 years ago

How Credit Scores Work and Ways to Improve Yours

As credit has become more easily available in our society, your credit report, and subsequently your credit rating, has become…

10 years ago

“High-Risk” Renters to Get a Credit Rating Boost

Renters who have a good history of paying their bills on time may be about to benefit from a boost…

11 years ago

Is Your Income Enough For a Mortgage?

One of the biggest problems being faced by both potential buyers and homeowners seeking to refinance is being able to…

11 years ago

Most Strategic Defaulters Have Great Credit And Few Debts

Earlier this week, I happened to stumble on a great article by Justin McHood who wrote about an emerging trend…

11 years ago